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TSP High Volume Air Sampler

TSP High Volume Air Sampler

A Total suspended particulate sampler or TSP high volume air sampler is used for the collection of total suspended particulate matter in ambient air with no preference to size selection. The US EPA reference method for the collection of TSP is called out in 40 CFR 50, appendix B.  The TSP high volume air sampler collects particulate at a flow rate between 40-60 ft/³min over a constant sampling period.  The TSP high volume air sampler is used to determine the concentration of total suspended particulates or it can be used to determine the identity of the particulates.

TSP high volume air samplers come in a variety of configurations.  The basic system is composed of an anodized aluminium outdoor shelter with a gabled roof assembly.  It will include a timing device to turn the instrument on and off, a filter holder to hold the filter media in place, a vacuum motor, a device to control the flow, a pressure recorder to record the flow rate, and an elapsed time indicator to count the sample time.

The TSP high volume air sampler collects total suspend particulates in the air.  The vacuum motors pulls ambient air onto the 8″ x 10″ glass fibre filter at a flow rate between 36-60 cfm.  TSP air particulate samplers do not use a particle separator which results in the collection of all ambient particulates.  The glass fibre filters are weighed pre and post sample and the weight is used to determine the total suspended particulate matter.

Mass Flow Controlled

Mass flow Controlled or MFC tsp particulate samplers use a hot wire anemometer probe to control the flow rate.  The hot wire anemometer probe is inserted into the flow stream and automatically adjusts the motor speed as the filter begins to collect particulate.  These systems are available with either a 7 day mechanical timer or a US EPA recommended digital timer to ensure accurate sampling results.  Motor options include your choice of a brush style motor or a brushless style motor.  Please review the chart below to view our extensive offering of mass flow controlled TSP high volume air samplers.

Volumetric Flow Controlled

Volumetric flow controlled (VFC) TSP particulate samplers use a critical orifice with a predetermined orifice hole diameter to control the flow rate.  The critical orifice is drilled and calibrated to let only the predetermined flow rate to pass through the filter.  The motor on these systems operate wide open while the critical orifice maintains a constant flow rate.  These systems are available with a 7 day mechanical timer or a US EPA recommended digital timer.  These systems can be fitted with an economical brush style motor or a maintenance free brushless motor.

MFC PLUS Controlled

The MFC PLUS system is the most advanced TSP ambient particulate sampler on the market.  It utilizes a microprocessor based controller for instantaneous and accurate flow control.  The system’s built in temperature and barometric pressure sensors along with the microprocessor-based mass flow controller allow the system to accurately calculate the flow rate.  The PLUS technology flow controllers include a built in digital timer with internal battery backup, multiple elapsed time indicators, and four data logs with an external USB drive for data retrieval.  The system data-logs record the average, minimum, and maximum ambient temperature and barometric pressure as well as the total ambient and standard flow rate.  These PLUS technology flow controllers also include an auto calibration feature which eliminates the need for lengthy field calibration and manual flow rate calculations.

Manual Flow Controlled

Manual flow controlled TSP particulate samplers are and economical choice for basic TSP reference method sampling.  They feature a simple manual motor adjustment to set the flow rate.  The manual flow adjustment allows the user to adjust the motor speed manually to arrive at the desired flow rate.  These systems do not have a flow controller and require regular adjustment to the manual speed control to maintain the desired flow rate.

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