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Home Products Sound Source Dodecahedron source Ntek OMNI 4” HP Dodecahedron Source (Rated max 120dB)

Ntek OMNI 4” HP Dodecahedron Source (Rated max 120dB)

Ntek OMNI 4” HP Dodecahedron Source (Rated max 120dB)

Dodecahedron is a sound source used to radiate uniformly a sound in all directions, allowing a correct insulation measurement and reverberation time both in building and architectural acoustics.

Manageability, assembling simplicity and portability are essential requirements for acoustic technicians: OMNI dodecahedron represents the best compromise between weight and portability.

OMNI 4” HP is used for passive acoustics requirements measurement due to the integration of the most updated technical features required for this kind of equipment.

In order to fullfill all the technical requirements set by recent standards, OMNI 4” HP is a unique combination of small dimensions, low weight, high portability to be suitable for all kind of measurements.

OMNI 4” HP is supplied with a 6 meters connector cable for the amplifier, in order to be moved easily inside the measurement field.


  • 6 meters connecting cable
  • Soft carry bag with shoulder strap


  • Flight case (rigid)
  • Support tripod with carry bag (soft) with shoulder strap



  • UNI EN ISO: 140-4, 10140, 16283-1, 3382, 354;
  • Directivity (D) according to: 140, 16283 and 3382.
  • Conform to CE directives.

Technical Specification

  • Diameter : 300 mm
  • Weight : 8,50 kg
  • Max sound power level : 120 dB
  • Max input power : 350 + 350 W
  • Impedance : 3 + 3 Ω
  • Part Number: