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BGI OMNITM FT Ambient Air Sampler

BGI OMNITM FT Ambient Air Sampler

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages state and local air monitoring groups to conduct shortterm multisite pollutant monitoring studies using nonreference method, small portable samplers.

The concept is to “saturate” an area with easily deployed, inexpensive filter samplers, to assess air quality in areas with high concentrations of pollutants or at reclamation sites. BGI has brought this approach to its ultimate development with the addition of a true 5 liter per minute (LPM) inlet.

The additional data acquired using saturation samplers helps air pollution control agencies to evaluate their monitoring networks consistent with requirements in 40 CFR Part 58.


  • Fence Line Monitoring
  • Remediation Projects
  • Saturation and Spacial Testing
  • Remote Location Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • International Applications


  • miniPM™ Multi-cut Inlet, for TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and PM4
  • Inlet is verified by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) air sampling standards for entry bias ensuring reference method data quality
  • Light weight and field portable (< 5 lbs.)
  • Power: AC, DC and solar
  • Runs for up to 48 hours on internal DC battery
  • Default configuration is PM10



  • Flow Rate :  5 LPM (± 1%)
  • Temp. Operational Range  :   -30° C to 50° C
  • Temp. Reading Range :   -30° C to 50° C (±0.5° C)
  • Barometric Pressure Range  :  400 to 800 mm of Hg (± 5mm)
  • Dimensions : Control Module   8.50 in high x 7.00 in wide X 5.75 in deep 21.59 cm (High) x 17.78 cm (wide) x 14.60 cm (deep)
  • Weight :  9.0 lbs (4.08 kg)
  • Inlet: Dimensions : 3.25 in max dia, (8.25 cm) 7.5 in high (19.05 cm)
  • Weight :  0.77 lbs (.35 kg)
  • Part Number: