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Personal Breath Alcohol Tester

DRIVESAFE™ testers use advanced electrochemical sensors that are specific for alcohol and are the standard for law enforcement testers used in roadside screening. The long-term stability of the sensor provides accurate results over years of use. Each DRIVESAFE tester comes fully equipped with 2 AA alkaline batteries, operating instructions, protective carry case and five mouthpieces.

Proven service

DRIVESAFE breath alcohol testers have been trusted by professionals to test for safety in the work place for over 25 years. With its ease of use and reliable performance, DRIVESAFE testers provide a single point of reference for unbiased evaluations of breath alcohol concentration.

Ease of use

Icons on the LCD screen guide the operator confidently through the test sequence and indicate the occurrence of any errors or missteps. All functions are controlled with asingle button.

Simple process

DRIVESAFE testers automatically indicate when to take the test. Simply insert a fresh mouth piece into the device and provide a breath sample. A tone sounds to indicate proper breath flow, and a beep sounds after 5 seconds of continuous flow to indicate a proper sample was received. The result of the analysis appears in a few seconds.

Clear results

Breath alcohol test measurements are shown on a 3-digit LCD screen, along with a graphical intensity meter and a tri-colour backlight for clarity.


  • Size: 137 mm x 59 mm x 26 mm
  • Weight:155 grams
  • Sensor:Electrochemical (fuel cell)
  • Specificity:Alcohol only, no response to ketones or hydrocarbons
  • Ambient Temperature:0°C to 50°C
  • Initial Test:   < 10 seconds
  • Breath Sample:   5 second moderate and continuous breath sample
  • Analysis Time:   < 10 seconds
  • Recycle (Recovery) Time  :   25 seconds
  • BAC Readout Format:   BAC (g/dL, g/L); BrAC (mg/L, g/L, g/dL)
  • Part Number: