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Absolute Noise Barrier – Model ANB 80 (STC 33)

Absolute Noise Barrier – Model ANB 80 (STC 33)

Absolute Noise Barrier (ANB) is cost effective, simple and able to beautify the environments. It is commonly use to separate noise sources from the receivers. It can drastically reduce environmental and equipment noise.

ANB typically use as a temporary or permanent noise barrier for indoor and outdoor applications. ANB helps in absorbing and insulating the noise generates from construction site - noise mitigation projects, vehicle – heavy vehicular traffic area such as expressway & railway etc. It has proven to be effective in absorbing noise and resulted an excellent solution to reduce noise for residential areas near to the roadway or construction site, as well as schools and hospitals. For Indoor application, noise barrier can also reduce the mechanical noise, such as generator, air conditioner, compressor & machinery which helps to improve the safety of work.

Key Features

  • Easy to Install/removal – Module design of the noise barrier, can be quick and flexible to deploy, easy for installation or removal.
  • Weather Resistance – Galvanized or stainless steel noise barrier with fiberglass foam protected by Anti-Moisture Film can help to resist bad weather condition, corrosion and increase the performance of the lifespan.
  • High Sound absorption – The metal panel of the noise barrier with punching type and grooves on the surface, resulted the sound insulation and absorption function works even more effective.
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