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Calculating Noise Dose from LEQDate: April 12, 2019

Example below:

1. Leq measured &
2. Duration of exposure (T)
to get the Noise Dose calculation.

Noise Dose Calculator

(Criteria Level = 85 dB, Exchange Rage = 3 dB)

Leq (dBA)ExpDuration (hr)NoiseDose (%)TWA (dBA)


(Criteria Level = 90 dB, Exchange Rage = 5 dB)

Lavg (dBA)ExpDuration (hr)NoiseDose (%)TWA (dBA)

(Reference: OSHA noise exposure calculation)

SV104IS noise dosimeter and the Svantek Supervisor software, where DOSE_8hr (Projected to 8hrs) is calculated and documented for users.

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